Healthcare Deregulation

Deregulation of healthcare is one of my three signature issues.  

Some state must be the most free-market state in the nation to get or provide healthcare.                                                    Why not Missouri?


Missouri will prosper if we make it the most free-market place in America for people looking to get or provide healthcare.  To begin, I call on the Missouri Legislature to eliminate the Certificate of Need (CON), a state law designed to prevent the construction of healthcare facilities.  Most states require a CON, and it is emblematic of the protectionism which makes healthcare expensive.

Eliminating the CON is a very specific beginning.  I call on the State Legislature to doggedly pursue healthcare deregulation until virtually every barrier to entry into the medical industry has been eliminated.

Scope-of-Practice Legislation--A Step in the Right Direction

Messy as it is, legislation which serves to increase the scope-of-practice of already licensed medical practitioners is a step in the right direction.

Scope-of-practice legislation is used by states to address the shortage of healthcare providers.  Bills typically pits lobbyists for one professional medical organization against the lobbyists for another, particularly licensed M.D.'s  against doctors and nurses with licenses to pursue more limited practices.

I favor a free-market approach. The interests of the consumers of health care are not as well served in the turf war as they would be with an even more libertarian approach.

Scope-of-practice on a Journal of American Medicine forum.

Check out the media the Surgery Center of Oklahoma has received:

Surgery Center of Oklahoma--Free-Market Loving Surgical Facility

especially this clip where founder of Surgery Center mentions "libertarian":

Dr. Keith Smith before Coalition for Affordable Health Coverage

This Putnam Missouri Hospital got national coverage for publishing prices for procedures:

NPR Story on Putnam Missouri Hospital

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